State and University Hemp Programs

United States Department of Agriculture – National Institute of Food and Agriculture – Industrial Hemp

Hemp as an Agricultural Commodity – Congressional Research Service

Harvesting, Retting, and Fiber Separation – USDA

Hemp Industry Daily – TOP 10 HEMP GROWING STATES

US Department of Ag – Organic Certification of Industrial Hemp Production

Purdue University

Hemp: A New Crop with New Uses for North America – Purdue


North Carolina State Statue for Growing Hemp

North Carolina Application to Grow Hemp

North Carolina State University

North Carolina Pilot Program

NC A&T – Tips on Hemp New Crop for North Carolina Small Farmers

Iowa State University

Penn State

Cornell University, NY – Industrial Hemp from Seed to Market


Kentucky State Hemp Farming Bill –

Kentucky State Hemp Farming Bill overview  

Kentucky Hemp Growing License Application – Applications closed for 2019

University of Kentucky – UK Industrial Hemp Agronomic Research

Kentucky Department of Agriculture Hemp Growing Pilot Program – KY Pilot Program

An Introduction to Growing Hemp – KU

North Dakota

North Dakota State University – Industrial Hemp Performance in North Dakota


South Carolina State Hemp Farming Bill

South Carolina Department of Agriculture – State Hemp Program

Clemson University – South Carolina Industrial Hemp Program

Clemson University – Production and Crop Information 


Industrial Hemp and CBD Extraction Budgets 

Industrial Hemp: Economics and Marketing


Industrial Hemp Seeding Rate Trial – University of Vermont

The University of Vermont – More to Hemp Than CBD

University of Vermont – Difference between Hemp and Marijuana

Hemp Production 101 – University of Vermont – Video


Virginia Tech Hemp Growing Pilot Program


Washington – Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program Information

Washington State Department of Ag – Industrial Hemp Pilot Program Application

Industrial Hemp: Opportunities and Challenges for Washington

Washington Hemp Production FAQs 

Industrial Hemp Distributors License


Cananda Hemp Trade Alliance – Hemp Production eGuide

Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs – Growing Industrial Hemp in Ontario

Clarification of the New Drug Code (7350) for Marijuana Extract

Use of Reclamation Water – Expires 5/16/2020

SBA Lending Policy – 4/3/2018 – SBA Policy Notice

Journal of Food Law and Policy – The Fate of Industrial Hemp in the 2018 Farm Bill – Will Our Collective Ambivalence Finally Be Resolved?

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